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Facilitating Shared Understanding and Commitment: A Case Study of the Powernoodle Meeting App by Michael Randel, CPF

  • 01/18/2013
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Online using Adobe Connect and Powernoodle


How do you support groups to reach not only shared understanding, but also a commitment to the decisions they make together?  And what if the groups are working on complex issues, where it is not very easy to reach common ground on the definition of the issue, never mind the best means of addressing the issues?


One way that facilitators can help groups is by designing meeting processes that promote inquiry and dialogue, and that use shared display that help participants uncover their areas of agreement. 


Powernoodle is a powerful, easy to use, cloud-based software solution for group collaboration, problem-solving and decision-making.  It's a great solution facilitators use to create shared understanding and foster commitment.  Using a guided approach, Powernoodle nurtures collaboration and brainstorming by bringing people together in a safe environment to share knowledge and determine next steps, in both face-to-face and virtual settings.


This interactive webinar will introduce a case study that illustrates how one group of organizational leaders is using Powernoodle to create a shared understanding of a complex issue, and build their commitments to collective actions.

Michael Randel, CPF, is a facilitator with more than 20 years experience working with groups in a wide variety of settings. His approach to group facilitation is informed by practical experience and real-life lessons, and a firm conviction that can achieve their purpose in meeting.

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